Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

Few things are more important to Christian parents than making sure their kids grow to love God and to live for His kingdom. We want to help parents train their children from the time they’re born until they are ready for the responsibility of living as adults.

Momentum Youth Ministry

Look around during our Sunday services and you’ll find teens serving all over the place. One of the reasons for this is because we want to encourage our teens to live their lives—now—for the glory of God. Put bluntly, we don’t think it’s strange to find teens who love God.

Community Groups

Isn’t it easy to settle for shallow conversation? Far too often, we talk in a way that gives the impression that we care about each other, but sometimes you have to wonder… “Is it important to anyone how I’m really doing?”

Ageless Grace

Sovereign Grace Church is grateful to be a church with a rich history of God’s activity and faithfulness to us. Some of our richest assets as a church family are our seasoned members, many of whom have walked with the Lord for decades.

Ministry Teams

When you really understand the importance of the local church in God’s plan for our lives, getting involved seems like a no brainer. Church wasn’t designated to be a spectator sport after all, and all of us have a God-given desire to be a part of something that matters.